Project 3- Week 1

The task that we have been given for Project 3 includes creating a magazine which follows the brief. 

The Brief: Fashion Media and Marketing

Each group will produce four sample pages for a fashion themed magazine these must include:

The front cover

A contents page

Two further pages of articles, at least one of which must be a review (for example of a new collection) appropriate to the style and content of the magazine

The Role that I have been assigned for this task is Researcher. This means that I must find a wide range of interesting and relevant information which will be evident in the finished project. I must ensure that the information is presented accurately and appropriately and finally work with the P&D to ensure that the page numbering and information in the contents page is appropriate. 


Project 2- Critical Reflection

The final outcome of the presentation was very good, although there were some technical difficulties uploading it onto Slideshare with the animations and audio. 

The Strengths
I am pleased with the overall appearance of the end presentation. I aimed to achieve a professional, but not boring aesthetic to appeal to the audience of a younger generation who will be interested and take the question and answers seriously but not get bored half way through the presentation. However, I think if I were to re-do it, I would try and add more colour, so that it was not just Black and White. 
Although the voiceover for the presentation was delivered brilliantly, he spoke the text clearly and enthusiastically which means that listeners will be able to understand easily. 
The Weaknesses
Other than the minor aesthetic colour change, I wouldn’t say that there is any major changes that I would make to the presentation if I were to do it again. 

Project 2- Presentation and Dissemination

The question that we decided to answer in our presentation was

What is the role of the media and film in influencing fashion?

After receiving all of the content for the presentation from both of the Content Creators (Sam and Kristen), I had to decide between the two scripts before I could begin making the final presentation. 

Both scripts were very good, however, I felt that Sam’s script looked at the chosen question from multiple different angles, whereas Kristen’s focused more on the social media aspect. 

I made the presentation using Apple’s Keynote software and saved the file as a PowerPoint. This way I could then make the additional changes and animations to the presentation ready before uploading it to Slide Share. 

Project 2- Week 1

This week we were organised into groups and given our second assignment for Manipulating Media.

The Brief: Using PowerPoint or Keynote create a narrated presentation, lasting no more than five minutes, that answers one of the questions detailed below.
 Your presentation should consist of slides and a recorded narration created in PowerPoint, using the Record Narration feature; or in Keynote using Record Slideshow.

The role that I have been assigned for this particular project is: Presentation and Dissemination. 

This will involve taking the script produced by the Content Creator, taking responsibility for the design and execution of the presentation. Producing the material in its final format, in this case, producing the presentation and recording, interpreting the content creatorʼs script and style and ensuring that it is ready/appropriate for its audience, this includes up-loading to Slide Share.

As a group we were given the choice between 4 questions which we must answer and base the presentation on;

  1. Explore the contention that the adoption of the aesthetics of porn in fashion photography contributes to the continuing objectification of women.
  2. “Christopher Bailey pledges Burberry allegiance to art over commerce” (The Guardian Online 08/01/14). Critically discuss the tensions between Art and business in the fashion industry.

    When I am an old woman I shall wear purple

    With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.

    And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves

    And satin sandals, and say we’ve no money for butter.

    (Extract from ‘Warning’ by Jenny Joseph)

  3. What is the place of the older woman in fashion. Assess the contradictions inherent in the obsession with youth, and an increasingly large and affluent older generation
  4. What is the role of the media and film in influencing fashion?


Project 1- Week 3

Week 3-

Since creating a storyboard, we have half scrapped the idea after taking inspiration from The Vaccines- Wetsuit Instagram video. The whole idea of incorporating both music and social media, two things which students are constantly using and listening to, would create a much more interesting video which captured the attention of the audience.

  • Instagram
  • Music
  • No Speaking- Just Watching
  • Writing on Paper- Facts, Figures and Key Words

The Instagram app has revolutionised smartphone photography, and it is a software application that almost everyone is using in today’s day and age. If each of us went out and took pictures of different scenes and objects that we see relevant we can incorporate it in any way possible it would set the creative content ready to piece together the entire video.

Project 1- Week 2

Week 2-

This week our group discussion involved coming together to decide how and when we are going to complete certain tasks. To help us achieve these targets Megan (our Project Manager) created a gannt chart which spread tasks our over a period of time.

After last week’s brainstorming, which identified what content we should include in the video which will be of interest to our target audience, I then went on to produce a storyboard which created a rough outline of how the video would play out. One thing that is important throughout is that the audience are kept interested whilst watching the video, so in order to do so we thought of adding a variety of clips to the video such as:

  • Advertisements- John Lewis Christmas 2013 or M&S – both advertisements display an example of how companies use marketing.
  • A Fashion Show- Designing, creating and events management at their best with the results on the catwalk
  • Retail shops- Looking at retail management, visual merchandising

All clips that display how different careers within the fashion industry and how they operate.

coming together

Project 1- Week 1

Project 1- Week 1

After being assigned our roles within the group and finding out what the project was, this week we came together as a group to produce different ideas.

The first thing we needed to do was to think back to last year, when we were those aspiring university students who are currently looking at universities and preparing personal statements. What did we want to hear about the subject?

  • Careers (Options available)
  • Salary £$ (Is it worth racking up £50k worth of debt)
  • Life (Is London the only place you can live to pursue a career in Fashion?)
  • Statistics (relevant and understandable ones)

We need to inform potential students, but not scare them away. So after identifying the factual information we realised that we need to highlight the fun, the benefits and rewards of studying and working in Fashion to attract them.

One thing we thought of was including a selection of videos of a variety of students who each study different courses, answering questions such as: “why study fashion?” And, “what are your career aspirations after Uni?”- The purpose of including these clips is to inspire students by seeing these students and how passionate they are about what they are doing.  Image