Project 1- Week 1

Project 1- Week 1

After being assigned our roles within the group and finding out what the project was, this week we came together as a group to produce different ideas.

The first thing we needed to do was to think back to last year, when we were those aspiring university students who are currently looking at universities and preparing personal statements. What did we want to hear about the subject?

  • Careers (Options available)
  • Salary £$ (Is it worth racking up £50k worth of debt)
  • Life (Is London the only place you can live to pursue a career in Fashion?)
  • Statistics (relevant and understandable ones)

We need to inform potential students, but not scare them away. So after identifying the factual information we realised that we need to highlight the fun, the benefits and rewards of studying and working in Fashion to attract them.

One thing we thought of was including a selection of videos of a variety of students who each study different courses, answering questions such as: “why study fashion?” And, “what are your career aspirations after Uni?”- The purpose of including these clips is to inspire students by seeing these students and how passionate they are about what they are doing.  Image


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