Project 1- Week 2

Week 2-

This week our group discussion involved coming together to decide how and when we are going to complete certain tasks. To help us achieve these targets Megan (our Project Manager) created a gannt chart which spread tasks our over a period of time.

After last week’s brainstorming, which identified what content we should include in the video which will be of interest to our target audience, I then went on to produce a storyboard which created a rough outline of how the video would play out. One thing that is important throughout is that the audience are kept interested whilst watching the video, so in order to do so we thought of adding a variety of clips to the video such as:

  • Advertisements- John Lewis Christmas 2013 or M&S – both advertisements display an example of how companies use marketing.
  • A Fashion Show- Designing, creating and events management at their best with the results on the catwalk
  • Retail shops- Looking at retail management, visual merchandising

All clips that display how different careers within the fashion industry and how they operate.

coming together


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