Critical Reflections

Fridays lecture focused on Critical Reflections.

Critical reflection occurs when we analyse and challenge the validity of our presuppositions and assess
the appropriateness of our knowledge, understanding and beliefs given our present contexts
(Mezirow, 1990).

The lecture stated: Critical Reflection is a various circle. Each time you do something ask yourself:

  • How successful was it?
  • (If it didn’t) Why didn’t it turn out the way you thought?
  • How do you avoid the mistake next time?

To summarise, the lecture explain what critical reflection is and why it is important. It identifies different ways of thinking critically and analytically, and how doing this will help you understand why things may need to be improved and how it can be improved. It is important to find a balance between describing and analysing, which for me is something that I struggle with. This is something that the lecture and having the blog has and will continue to help me with, as it forces me to critically reflect on the different projects and situations and actually learn from them.



Why Blog?

The sole purpose of this blog is as an academic journal required by the Manipulating Media module. I will post once a week, every week to record the different processes and stages at each project and also about topic lectures. This allows me to critically analyse what happens and why it happens and express my own thoughts and opinions on how it could have been improved.

The aim is to evaluate the projects based on the different groups and the roles given to people. It is also an opportunity to learn from the mistakes that are made, therefore to improve on the team working skills and analysis skills with every post.

This also presents the opportunity of learning how to create and write interesting blogs, which will be improved on with every post. Ultimately, it will become something that can be shown to future employers.